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X Marks the Spot.

Posted by lagbox on May 17, 2016 editor ide

X Marks the Spot

Komodo IDE/Edit 10 (X) has been released. I have been using Komodo IDE 10 since it was in pre-release alpha and it is an awesome IDE.

Whether you just need an editor or a full blown IDE there are features for everyone.


I have not been asked to write this. I am writing this as today Komodo IDE 10 has been relased to the public and I have been testing and using it for awhile and really enjoy it and would like to get the word out as many people may not know of Komodo. I have received a license for this product due to contributions during the alpha development stage of Komodo IDE 10.


Major speed improvements have come to Komodo IDE 10. It is still an IDE not just an editor which always involves some extra overhead but is way faster than the previous version. Everything feels smoother and I finally have no issues with the speed of an IDE.

File searching is faster, symbol searching is very fast, the CodeIntel scanning itself has been improved and is faster.


The UI has been completely overhauled and is customizable. The actual appearance of the entire application, UI, widgets, editor can be adjusted via color schemes. It is quite fantastic and comes with a great default and a list of preinstalled color schemes to change to.

Some of the UI/UX changes and speed improvements go hand in hand and it feels great. This all comes together to make a much better user experience that is much more intuitive.

Komodo X has some of the best UX around.


The codeintel features have been improved. There is full PSR4 support for PHP, “allowing for smarter CodeIntel for all PHP frameworks that use the PSR4 specification”.

You can now search your project for symbols (functions/methods) very easily via Commando with the symbols scope.

The autosuggest list is filled very nicely as it completely understands class inheritance and the calltips (method signatures) are right on.

They also have improved the JS support greatly in this release.

Brought to you by ActiveState

ActiveState is a good group of people. I have had the luxury of talking with the developers nearly every day since the pre-release alpha came out and still talk with them today. They have been very responsive to requests and fixing bugs as soon as possible during the development process.

Feature requests have been slated for upcoming versions and they listen to their users. There has been a big push to make the user experience better and you can see it with this version and how responsive they have been with github issues.



I have had the honor of using this product while in alpha and contributed any bugs or issues I could find. Almost everything was fixed immediately.

I have created some user scripts for indent/unindent that gives me the behavior I am more used to that I will be turning into a package for Komodo. (You can use Python or JS to create user scripts and it is very simple. Simplest I have seen for adding features to an editor/IDE) This took maybe 15 minutes as there is a full API you can reference.

You can record your own macros for common things you do, which is awesome, and how I started my indent/unindent user script. Any tasks you need to reproduce can be turned into scripts.

Some thing I might work on is an updated Emmet plugin for Komodo as a lot of people use it and a new one that uses the new SDK for Komodo would be awesome.


Most of what I do is PHP and specifically Laravel. This IDE is not just for PHP in anyway. You can use many many languages with this IDE, which is a big plus. I can do any of the coding I need in one IDE without any trouble.

Coming from Sublime, and loving Sublime, I was very happy Komodo IDE has a setup for using Sublime bindings. This has made the transition much easier and things are spot on.

If a full IDE is not what you are looking for or too much for what you need you can use Komodo Edit, which the IDE is built upon. Its a great editor.

Komodo IDE X

Komodo Edit X

Sublime Text 3


Some screenshots with all panels displayed (dark schemes):

(light schemes):

Regular Screenshots:

The terminal you see is an addon package. Komodo Addon Terminal

Features I can't begin to start listing

Please check out the features list, as I couldn't possibly list them all.

Komodo IDE X Features